I published one article for every month in the year 2020. That’s 12 articles. It doesn’t seem like much but it has been a thrilling ride for me.

There are many things that make me happy and writing is one of them. The thing is, the actual process of writing can be arduous and even intimidating — for me at least. It requires patience, persistence, consistency, and courage. 

For every one of the articles I wrote this year, I had to call forth a certain combination of all of these values.

It took patience to make time out of my busy and distracted schedule to write. It took persistence to keep on writing even when my ideas began to feel all jumbled up and confused. I believe consistency to be key, so I committed to doing it once every month without fail for 12 months.

Putting my life experiences, thoughts, and ideas out there — especially for someone as reserved as me — took some courage because I knew I might come across as quirky or even stupid.

But then again, I did not start writing because I believed myself wise enough to offer any kind of wisdom that my potential readers do not already possess. Neither did I start writing because I believed myself a good writer. The wisdom and the skill are merely aspirations while the commitment to writing consistently is just my way of striving to attain these aspirations.

In other words, I write because I want to become wiser. I write because I want to improve on my skill as a writer. I write because I hope that one day someone will be inspired by the things I write.

I have learned that it doesn’t take a genius to inspire someone. You don’t necessarily have to be super smart or talented to inspire someone. I believe every human being has immense potential of which even they are not often aware; and sometimes all it takes for them to realize this potential is for them to see you or some other person doing a clumsy job at something and then they go, “Oh, I could write something better than this.” Or, “this is actually not as hard as I thought.” Or, “I have always wanted to do this but always felt shy but here’s someone who is doing it with confidence and grace. I guess it’s not as quirky a thing to do as I thought.” And then they are inspired to take action.


We have been blessed with consciousness, intelligence, and imagination; and yet, most of us explore very little of it. I believe my world to be a lot vaster than the tangible things that surround me every day, and I mean to explore as much of it as my time will allow.

Almost every time when I sit down to write, I almost always find myself uncovering new ideas I never knew I had and encountering many I’ve-never-thought-of-it-that-way moments during the writing process. These are the moments when the horizon of my experience, skill, imagination, intelligence, and mental capacity are pushed further. It is along these lines that real personal growth and intellectual maturity are forged.

Reading does this too. It goes without saying that in order to be a good writer, you have to be an avid reader of books; and read I did last year; I was particularly meticulous about reading, but that is a subject for another day.


There’s a quote I remember reading. I don’t know the author but it goes something like this:

“Write a life worth living and live a life worth writing about.”  — Unknown

These are the kind of quotes that get me out of bed with a spring. Sometimes it gives me just the little extra push that I need to do something worthwhile. I believe that is how this war we call life should be waged; we have to take it one day at a time. We have to value the little efforts because, in the end, they add up.

I want to write something fascinating. I also want to live a story that would be so cool to write about. This is a classic one-hand-washes-the-other scenario, and writing is the thing that makes this possible. So I will continue this habit of writing.


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Thanks for reading!